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Registration Conditions



If you have any questions or experience any problems during the online submission process, please contact us at

The 2022 Monash Engineering Conference is free for all attendees and will be live streamed for attendees unable to physically attend. 


Before registering, please be sure to review the registration terms and conditions with respect your privacy and the photography at the event. 

Photography and Privacy

The conference organisers will gather and record personal information necessary for your attendance at the ‘2022 Monash Engineering Conference’. Personal information will be gathered, stored and disseminated in accordance with the National Privacy regulations. 

By registering for the ‘2022 Monash Engineering Conference’, you provide consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded. Your arrival at either event (as listed above), constitute your consent for the conference organisers, Monash University, and any industry sponsors present at the event/s to hereby use any ‘Material’ (photographs, video, electronic reproductions and audiotapes) of the attendee during the conference, for any and all forms of media throughout and after the event. You acknowledge that Monash University owns copyright in the ‘Material’. You may request removal of the ‘Material’ from any advertisement and/or request that no future use of the ‘Material’ to be used by contacting the conference organising committee. 


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