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About us

CEPA is back after a lull in student life due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. The CEPA Interim Committee consists of 3 postgraduate students.

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We are actively looking for additional CEPA committee members, please email us at:

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CEPA Committee

Nathan photo.jpg

Nathan Eden

Interim President

Nathan is a final-year PhD candidate from Adelaide working on lithium-selective adsorption and membrane separations under Matthew Hill and Kristina Konstas. Beyond Monash, Nathan enjoys hiking, camping, gaming, archery, playing piano and cornet.


Declan McNamara

Interim Committee Member

Declan is a second-year PhD candidate from Melbourne working on anode coatings for lithium-sulphur batteries under Matthew Hill and Mainak Majumder. In his free time he enjoys Thai kickboxing, calisthenics, half learning languages (he’s up to four) and listening to very shouty music.


Michael Scalzo

Interim Committee Member

Michael is a first-year PhD student from Melbourne working on alkane-alkene separations for the hydrogen economy under Matthew Hill and Tim Scott.In his free time, he partakes in futsal, Thai kickboxing, marathon running, camping and hiking.

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